The Blessed Diversion Network is an ongoing, lifelong act of obsessive compulsion disguised as a network of critical encyclopedias covering various, personally transfixing, emanations of visual popular culture.


It began, in one sense, on the day that I first felt that I’d rather watch TV, see a movie, read a comic or listen to the radio than face that entirely overrated phenomenon called real life, and in its current form kicked in when I was nudged out of my job as an entertainment columnist and critic with the Toronto Star last year. My lifelong default has always been to retreat into synthetic diversions, and it’s always been an intensely satisfying form of solitary (and not mass, not for me anyway) immersion: it helps me think, feel and understand, and it becomes a medium through which I can digest experience in manageably tasty morsels. I find that life oddly makes more sense when filtered through the projections, tropes and shared rituals of popular culture, and it certainly feels more bearable and exciting. ┬áSo that’s what this is: something I need to do that I’d be doing anyway, but that I hope might offer something to somebody similarly afflicted somewhere.